Why Choose Us?

Repair and Maintenance
We have skilled people who can repair all of the machines we deal in. So use with confidence.
Quality Imported Products
We choose foreign suppliers very carefully, who provide quality products and take responsibility.
Free Consultancy
If you guidance on sprayer or other machine selection, call us, we provide free consultancy.
Parts Availability
We understand imported machines are useless without parts avaiability. All parts are available.
Reputable Company
Operating for 20+ years, earning a reputation for service and quality products in all Pakistan.

About Agro Power

Agro Power Traders is Lahore based company. We are importing different products from China since 1992. Our competitive advantage is the selection of quality Chinese manufacturers. We also provide after sale service and parts of all products we deal-in, which is very important for the users of imported products. Currently, we deals in following products.
  • Agriculture Sprayer Machines (from 2Ltr to 120 Ltr)
  • Plastic Hand Sprayer
  • Plastic Pressure Sprayer
  • Stainless Steel Pressure Sprayer
  • Power Sprayer (with Gasoline Engine)
  • Battery Operated Sprayer
  • Foggers (Electrical and Thermal)
  • Tillers and Reapers
  • Lance, Hand Clutch, Nozzles, Hose Pipe, Pump and all other parts of above spray machines

We have many retailers in different cities of Pakistan and looking forward to add more. We offer best quality products with market competitive rates.

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