12 Jul 2017

WEIMA Delegation Including General Manager, Visited Agro Power

A delegation of WEIMA Agricultural Machinery Co. Ltd. headed by Dennis Yan (General Manager), visited Agro Power on July 12, 2017. Agro Power is the authorized distributor of WEIMA in Pakistan. The WEIMA delegation aim was to get market feedback of current products to address the issues, brainstorming ideas for innovation and making improvement in current products. Multiple things for business development between two companies were discussed and finalized.

WEIMA products are symbol of quality but there is always a room for improvement, so Agro Power reported issued being faced by customers so that products quality could be further improved. Some changes in product design and new features required were suggested to address local farmers needs and further improve the current offerings.

Agro Power has plan to open a high quality workshop for the repairing of agriculture machinery in Lahore. The WEIMA delegation acknowledged to provide technical training to our technicians in China in addition to providing state of the art tools and equipment required for repairing and maintenance of the agriculture machinery.

28 Sep 2016

Agro Power Become WEIMA Official Agent in Pakistan

We are pleased to inform our respected clients and agriculture community of Pakistan that WEIMA, a world famous brand, has selected Agro Power as their official agent in Pakistan. Agro Power started import from WEIMA around a year back, we were given sales target to be considered for official agency. Alhamdulillah, we met the target because of our clients’ trust and WEIMA products quality. Now, WEIMA has issued the AGENT CERTIFICATE for a specific period, that would be renewed periodically.

We are committed to serve the agriculture community of Pakistan with high quality products from world famous brands. In addition to strengthening our relations with WEIMA, we also aim to bring more brands of different products to serve our clients’ and agriculture needs.