Sprinklers are used to water plants or grass in the gardens. But there is more to just watering lawns and irrigation. Sprinklers are the showers that are instilled in small or larger spaces on the ground or on the roof to shower the water. You can use a sprinkler to cool down the temperature or to handle the dust in the air. This article will help you understand in detail the types and complex systems of a sprinkler.

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What are the Different Types of Sprinklers?

Generally, there are different types of sprinklers depending on their use. Mainly, there are two categories for the products.

  • Fire Sprinklers
  • Irrigation Sprinklers

Fire sprinklers are used in offices and other building roofs to control the fire or flames in an emergency. There are four key systems of fire sprinklers. These systems are listed below:

Wet Pipe Fire Sprinkler is used to control the fire damage and cool it down by activating one head at a time. The sprinkle head activates according to the intensity of heat. The pipe is filled with water and in case of a fire, the head gets activated and sprinkles water from it.

Dry Pipe Fire Sprinkler is a comparatively expensive type and has a complex working system. It is most efficient in cold places. It is filled with air instead of water and only sprinkles water when the head is activated. The air instead of water in the pipe helps to prevent the freezing of water due to cold weather which might make it inefficient when needed.

Foam Fire Sprinkler has a unique system. It is perfectly designed to sprinkle water and foam for industries and companies where a large amount of inflammable material is present.

Pre-Action Fire sprinklers are the most expensive type of fire sprinklers. They require high maintenance. But they serve the collective purpose of a dry and wet pipe fire sprinkler that makes it the perfect pick.

Irrigation Sprinklers

Are you tired of carrying around a hose and water the plants by standing there? Lawn sprinklers are a way to make that happen without having to stand there all the time. These are the type of sprinklers that you use in your lawns or agricultural land to water the plants or grass. They come in many different types. This part of the article will discuss the major types of these sprinklers.

Sprinklers that Rotate

The rotatory sprinklers are your go-to product if you want to water a small bed of grass or a large area like a lawn or a garden. It disperses water by rotating that sprinkles water in all directions. They are best as they can cover a large space with complete efficiency. Some product models cover an area of about 90 feet in a single direction. You don’t have to worry about the precipitation of water in your lawn anymore. Rotating sprinklers are the best to spread an even amount of water in your garden.


  • It covers a large area of about 90 feet.
  • Sprinkles water in all directions.
  • It has an even spread of water.


  • Requires a lot of water pressure to work.

Stream Sprinklers

Stream sprinklers are commonly known as multi-stream sprinklers. They also have a rotation head but, they sprinkle water streams in different directions along the rotatory axis. They give a mesmerizing view if instilled in a rotating fountain. They are the best to water the sloppy ground. Their low precipitation rate allows them to absorb water slowly in the soil. However, the sprinkle head is most likely to clog If the water is not clean. To avoid any operational issues, it is essential to make sure that the supplied water is filtered and dirt free.


  • It gives a mesmerizing view if used in a water fountain.
  • It is perfect for the sloppy ground.
  • It has a low precipitation rate.


  • The nozzle clogs if the water is dirty.

Spray Sprinklers that are Fixed

The fixed spray sprinkler models do not rotate and shower the water in fixed streams. You can set the angle according to your own choice. Many products come with different features for you to customize the angles according to your need. The basic models have the setting of spreading water in the quarter, half, and full circles. However, the advanced models allow you to increase the angles and set them according to your needs. If you have a small garden or a lawn, a fixed spray sprinkle is your product. It can spread water in smaller areas ranging from 13-16 feet. They are less efficient than the rotatory sprinklers and require a comparatively low pressure of water to operate.


  • It is the best product to cover small areas.
  • It can work efficiently even at a low pressure of water.
  • It has multiple patterns to shower the water and provides an even spread.


  • You need to monitor it to avoid any over sprinkling of the water.

Oscillating Sprinklers

Oscillating sprinklers are the cheapest of all the types. They have a simple working system; the water stream comes out of the holes on a straight bar. The water streams come out in the form of a curtain that moves back and forth. They come with a knob to handle the water distance. It sprinkles water in a rectangular pattern. They can cover up an area of 20 feet.


  • You can sprinkle water in all the corners due to its rectangular or square pattern of water spreading.
  • It gives an even spread of water.
  • You can adjust the area of coverage.


  • Evaporation causes loss of water in it.

Things to look for before buying a sprinkler

Water Source

An out-door water source is required to provide water to the sprinkler. For this, you must have a water spigot in the place where you intend to install the sprinkler. You must have an outdoor spigot so that you provide the right amount of water and water pressure for the sprinkler to work properly. A spigot with a regulator will help you settle the adequate amount of pressure. Less water pressure can lead to uneven distribution of water in the lawn.


A power source with low voltage wiring is required for the sprinkler to work. You must have a reasonable power supply to support the sprinkler system before you buy one for your garden.

Things to consider to select the best sprinkler system

You must understand the requirements and the purpose of your purchase before getting a sprinkler. Different key features will help you determine what things you must look for before buying a sprinkler.


Look for a sprinkler that is made of lightweight material like an aluminum alloy. A heavy sprinkler like the steel sprinkler can be very heavy to carry around which makes it less portable. Further, the material of the nozzle is also a crucial cog. You might want to look for a flexible material. It will help you to avoid clogging the nozzle, the water will sprinkle easily and evenly.


The water coverage varies in different products. If you have a small or a medium-sized garden, then you must buy an oscillating sprinkler or a spray sprinkler. An oscillating sprinkler sprinkles water in the form of a water stream curtain and covers an area up to 20 feet. However, a spray sprinkler can cover up an area of 3-16 feet in the form of a quarter, half, or full water circles. If you have a large area to water then a rotatory sprinkler is your go-to product. It can cover up an area of 90 feet. Note the space of your lawn and consider it before buying the required product.


Water pressure is a crucial cog for the functioning of a sprinkler. The lower pressure of water can cause uneven distribution of water in some of the sprinkler models. You need to maintain an adequate amount of water pressure for the efficient working of a sprinkler. Rotatory sprinklers require larger pressure of water as they have to cover large surface areas. However, fixed sprinklers can work efficiently even on low water pressure by ensuring an even amount of water distribution. Rotors can help increase the water pressure from 30psi. You can use them to increase the water pressure if it low.


Finding the best sprinkler requires a lot of consideration. You must know the area of your garden, its shape, the water and power source system, the required pressure, and the water required for the watering needs of your lawn. All these things, if considered properly, will help you find the best sprinkler system for your lawn or garden area. We have discussed in detail the types of sprinkler systems for your reference. Further, we have also listed the things that you need to know before buying a sprinkler. Find a trustworthy seller to buy the sprinkler system and enjoy an affordable and suitable product.

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