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Chaff Cutter Hami JF 30 Evo

Chaff Cutter Hami JF 30 Evo

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Hami JF 30 Evo Precision Forage Chopper was designed for the most demanding cattle farming that need to produce quality food for the livestock, for both fresh feeding or silage making. Designed to chop hand fed forage crops, this equipment has outstanding chop quality, high productivity and lower power consumption. Its rotor with 3 knifes was developed to chop grass, sugar cane, maize and other forage crops for silage or fresh feeding. Its main feature is the feed control system with spring loaded drums which results in excellent distribution of chopped particles, which is a key factor for good quality silage and for higher feed consumption by the cattle.


Forage chopper with production capacity according to the technical features of this document, driven by electric motor or engine, featuring feeding tray with protective cover, discharge chute, deflector, belt for chop size changing, rotor with 3 knives in “L” design, feeding drums, elongated stand, stretcher for motor, 03 “L” design knives, for chopping grass, sugar cane, sunflower, maize, sorghum and other kind of forage crops, counter-knife, belt with shielding, adjustable chop size, transmission by belt/pulley. Available with accessories for driving by electric motors or engines, required power of 3,0 hp on eletric motor and recommended rotation of 1600 RPM on chopping rotor.


• Rotor with 3 knives provides an excellent chop size quality; • Chop size adjustment through belt position change; • Feeding drums transmission by cardan shaft; • Low power consumption; • Simple maintenance; • Model available with base for electric motor or gasoline/diesel engine. Please talk to your dealer for other optionals and accessories.

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