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PH Meter 2 in 1

PH Meter 2 in 1

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Battery is no need.

Could test soil pH soil fertility

Suggest to use indoors or outdoors

convenient to use, simple to operate, solid quality

Accurate results

Size: about 26 cm length


1. Soil pH value is a very important factor for the quality of crops.

2. Most of crops cannot survive in too acid or too alkaline soil.

3. Get the right pH reading for your Crop is very important.

Using Method:

1. Measuring soil pH and moisture, as far as possible to probe deeply into the earth and probe the upper portion for about 1 cm.

2. On the table is 2.5-9 numerical, numerical 7 basic is neutral, the smaller the number shows that the greater the acidity, please adjust soil pH value according to plant varieties.

3. Please pay attention that insert electrodes without touching the stone, not too hard, otherwise easy to damage the electrode, clean electrode after use.

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