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Power Sprayer 4 Stroke

Power Sprayer 4 Stroke

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Enhance your agricultural and gardening tasks with our efficient and user-friendly Power Sprayer. Engineered for optimal performance, this knapsack sprayer has garnered acclaim from clients for its exceptional features.

Key Features

Discover the outstanding features that set our Power Sprayer apart:

Low Noise Operation: Experience a quieter working environment with the Power Sprayer's low noise design.

Easy Start: The decompression valve ensures a smooth and easy engine start, allowing you to kickstart your tasks effortlessly.

Low Exhaust Emission: Contribute to a cleaner environment as the Power Sprayer boasts low exhaust emission levels.

Fuel Efficiency: Save on fuel costs with the Power Sprayer's impressive low fuel consumption.

Technical Specifications

Uncover the technical brilliance of the Power Sprayer with its specifications:

Model Knapsack Power Sprayer
Engine Type 4-stroke, single cylinder
Displacement 35.8cc
Power Output 1.0kw/6500rpm
Pressure 0-30kg/cm²
Spraying Volume 8L/min
Capacity 25L
Gross Weight 11.5kg

Watch It in Action

Curious to see the Power Sprayer in action? Watch our demonstration video on YouTube and witness the efficiency and power of this essential tool for your agricultural and gardening needs.

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