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Precision Forage Chopper JF 60 Max With Base

Precision Forage Chopper JF 60 Max With Base

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Hami JF Precision Forage Choppers were designed specially for the most demanding farmers that need to become more technical and improve the quality of feeding of their livestock. They deliver superior productivity, a precise and unique transmission system and excellent chop quality resulting from perfect synchronization of the feeding drums. Its powerful rotor with 4 knives chops grass, sugar cane, sunflower, maize, sorghum and other forage, with precision and excellent distribution of particle sizes. They are technically recommended for silage making and are ideal for fresh cut feeding also. Several options of capacity and versions allow the farmer to choose which one meets best his needs to produce a quality feed with low operating cost.


​Precision forage choppers with productive capacity according to the technical specifications table of this document, featuring feeding nozzle, rotary discharge chute, deflector, chop size selection gear box, transmission cardan shafts, helicoidal transmission gearbox, spring for feeding drums, crown and pinion housing, rack (stand) and rack with wheels, strong rotor with 4 knives for cutting grass, sugar cane, sunflower, maize, sorghum and others, knives built in special and hardened steel, counter-knife with 2 lives, lever for changing the chop size with machines running in low rotation, transmission by cardan shaft and gears. In order to know models and versions, required power and rotation please check the technical specifications table available in this document.


• Chop size changing by lever. The only one in market able to change chop size with the maching running in low rotation. Easy and quick handling; • Transmission and particle size control systems are strong, simple and synchronized. Drive from cut size gearbox to feeding drums are made by cardan shafts and gears which ensure a precise and well distributed chopping; • Exclusive direct drive transmission system for models JF 50 and JF 60 Maxxium PTO driven version, resulting in higher efficiency and higher output; • High resistance machine because of heavy duty rotor with 4 hardened steel blades and sealed cut size changing box; • Excellent particle size quality with sizes 5mm and 13mm or 8mm and 13mm which results in a better quality of fodder for the animal.
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