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Sprinkler PY-5

Sprinkler PY-5

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  • 15mm Male
  • Full Circle
  • 9° fights wind drift and evaporation – Ideal for heavy winds. Diameters of Coverage: 17.7 – 21.7 m (at 0.46 m in height)
    Stream Height: 0.4m – 0.9m
  • 14° ideal for under-tree irrigation. Diameters of Coverage:20.1 – 23.8 m (at 0.46 m in height)
    Stream Height: 0.9m – 1.5m
  • 23° ideal for maximum throw distance. Diameters of Coverage:22.6 – 25.3 m (at 0.46 m in height)
    Stream Height: 2m – 3m


The 20 series full-circle impacts are Senninger’s most economical sprinklers. These sprinklers work best with low flows between 304 to 904 L/Hr.

The 20 series WedgeDrive sprinkler alternately deflects flows in front and behind the splash-arm as the wedge diffuser reacts to an incoming water stream. Its square orifice nozzle and rapid 360° rotation speed at low pressures delivers uniform distribution near and away from the sprinkler

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